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Supherb Ingredient Story 1 - Ginseng

Today our team visited a headquarter of Dae-dong, one of the biggest ginseng companies in Korea.

We conducted an interview with Dae-dong's manager to hear more about what makes the highest-quality Red Ginseng, one of the 4 main ingredients in Supherb.

1. Can you introduce Dae-dong company to Supherb's users?

-Dae-dong is one of the most renowned ginseng companies in Korea. It produces up to 7,730 tons of ginseng annually and import to 9 different countries (U.S., Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, China, UAE, etc...). Our core values are "honesty, precision, and care."

2. How does Dae-dong distinguish itself from other ginseng companies?

-We pride in systematic & scientific way to manage ginseng and ensure its quality. We hold 20 patents to manage & most effectively manufacture ginseng extract, and received a number of certificates from Korean government (GMP, GAP, HACCP). We also received Halal certificate for certain products.

3. So what kind of tests does Dae-dong's Red Ginseng go through?

-100% of Dae-dong's red ginseng goes through and passes the rigorous testing from the government-certified third-party institution, to ensure the purity, safety, and no remaining pesticides.

4. Where does Dae-dong's Red Ginseng comes from?

-It's hard to pinpoint a specific region in Korea, because we alternate around Dae-dong's farms in Korea to grow ginseng. This is because ginseng absorbs soil's nutrition so much as it grows, so after we harvest ginseng from a farm, we give that farm a "rest period" for 3 years to restore its soil's full nutrition.

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